Yes folks - this is the Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh. Home to Scotland's political force. A place for tough talking, straight statistics, and rigorous rules. But above all - seriousness, respect and tact... 

Or perhaps not, well certainly not today! Thomas and his new chums, including Scottish Minister Kenneth MacKintosh MSP and former Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell among others, had a great day basking in the Edinburgh sunshine - trying to do as many keepy-uppies as possible!!

Nobody really kept track to be honest and a final figure was never determined. But that was not the object of the event...

DiabetesUK had set a target to fundraisers to do as many keepy-uppies as possible but more importantly - in the most obscure place imaginable. There were some very good entries including a guy who did it on the London Underground and many others doing it on top of buildings etc. But they didn't rival Thomas' effort - doing keepy-uppy in the Scottish Parliament Building, Holyrood!

More impressive was the fact he managed to convince the MPs to wear 'upside down ra-ra skirts' on their heads! DiabetesUK had crafted them specially for events such as these where its about having fun while raising vital sums at the same time and getting the charity much needed publicity.

A fantastic day out and many many thanks to all the politicans who took part! 

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